Transformedia is developing a series of flagship projects to complement existing efforts to safeguard and valorize the heritage sites through the use of new virtual reality technologies.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has finally come of age. It now offers viewers a genuine sense of ‘presence’. Transformedia is developing a number of flagship projects which aim to harness this power in at-risk environments.

360-degree virtual reality is an amazing new experience that profoundly engages the explorer in a new way. By fully immersing the viewer in a 360º 3D environment, with binaural sound that can pitch and throw from any direction, VR is the ultimate storytelling device.

This allows communities throughout the world to literally step into the presence of the world heritage sites. It also provides a unique and exciting tool for engaging advocacy targets around the world on the importance of the world’s common cultural heritage, including wider issues within the Sahel and Middle East and beyond.

Viewers will be able to explore sites, interact with local individuals and intangible cultural artifacts related to the sites (storytelling, song, idioms, interviews) and browse priceless documents preserved from their libraries. The experience will be accessible through virtual reality kits provided at major exhibition and policy spaces but also through the use of very low-cost cardboard V-R head boxes, which can be used with any smartphone. The latter will be particularly useful for raising awareness within remote areas, in schools and among the wider global audience.

Transformedia’s strategic partnership with Immersive Media offers the best high resolution, high frame rate cameras and high performance recording and encoding decks.