Transformedia co-established the multi-ethnic South Sudan Theatre Organisation (SSTO) and produced its first production in partnership with the Globe Theatre. We have since embarked on an ambitious contribution to National Dialogue.

‘Cymbeline’ toured nationally and internationally, including to Shakespeare’s Globe, London, as part of the Cultural Olympiad 2012. Transformedia is now working with SSTO on an ambitious contribution to national dialogue called Citizen’s Theatre – “مسرح الشعب”:.

  • The development of a South Sudanese style of Forum Theatre, ‘Citizen’s Theatre’, and ‘Citizen Theatre Mediators’ trained in 6 states across South Sudan so far, enabling safe community dialogue on local and national issues

  • The production of a 60 minute film documentary and multiple shorter video outputs disseminated on mobile cinema and via mobile technology

  • Production of a edutainment radio magazine series focusing on role of culture in reconciliation

  • Connecting the community of Citizen Theatre Mediators, audiences, listeners and viewers through an SMS community

  • Producing learnings on Forum Theatre and mass communications can support the future process of nation-building reconciliation, healing and civic education in South Sudan.

1.1 Overarching Goal

The overarching program objective is to contribute to the establishment of a stable and prosperous South Sudan.

1.2 Program Goals

The activities support the following programmatic objectives:

  • Greater social cohesion among South Sudan’s diverse communities

  • A sense of common and shared identity and inter-cultural understanding, tolerance and respect in South Sudan

  • Participants and audiences have greater self-belief that they can influence their situation, tools to consider alternatives, and take a bigger role in decision-making.

  • Increased problem solving skills

  • Social cohesion strengthened, attitudes of conflicting communities to each other less conflictual, greater empathy exists between different community groups.

  • Women and girl participants and audience members take a stronger role in decision-making about a range of social and conflict issues. [1]

  • At-risk youth and other vulnerable groups are engaged in the process of nation-building, reconciliation and healing.

  • South Sudanese youth inspired to envision a stable, prosperous and successful South Sudan and to choose the path of cooperation

  • Capacity built within an exciting cross cutting grassroots civil society network of theatre groups across the country

  • Increased awareness of the value of cooperation among South Sudanese citizens and policy makers

  • Freedoms of cultural and political expression spearheaded and safeguarded in South Sudan

  • Key lessons are learned as to how Forum Theatre could play a role in the future of nation-building, reconciliation and healing in South Sudan

  • To improve community access to information about rights, policy processes and citizenship.

[1] Citizen Theatre trainings typically bring together around 5 secondary schools and theatre groups for one week and culminate in a public performance and community dialogue (a ‘Citizen’s Forum’), film showings, celebration, discussion, and dissemination of data cards and DVDs. Within the framework of ‘theatre for resolving conflict’ participants investigate issues which they identify as key within their communities.