Transformedia is using digital technology to extend and broaden access to cultural and oral archives in the Tibet Autonomous Region. This is first stage in our forthcoming global Cultural Genome Project.

Most oral archive projects scratch the surface through expensive field operations or limited geographic scope. This ambitious action uses digital crowdsourcing, managed collection, high fidelity recording and a bespoke digital archiving solution to capture and archive a significant record of global cultural traditions – song, dance, languages (idioms) and stories, including:

• GPS location (automatic)
• Category of event
• Administrative location
• Community
• Language
• Function (e.g. wedding, funeral, peace-making)
• Users also have the opportunity to provide further comments in voice or text formats.

Cultural knowledge contains important historical information (often balancing warped elite narratives) and invaluable cultural and scientific knowledge.

The global user community is engaged through crowdsourcing transliteration, translation and analysis and the record will be available to historians, political scientists, peace-builders and educationalists, wherever they are, and in perpetuity.

The project engages with public memory, promotes inter-community exchange and inclusive globalisation today.

And enriches millennia of future human history in the tomorrow.