Transformedia provides ongoing technical support to the Conflict Sensitivity Resource Facility (CSRF), including designing and servicing the online research repository, interactive maps and Covid Hub.

We are pleased to support the objectives of CSRF. Conflict sensitivity is an approach that seeks to maximise the positive impacts of humanitarian and development initiatives for peace, whilst avoiding harm.  Initiated in 2016, the Conflict Sensitivity Resource Facility (CSRF) supports the use of conflict sensitivity in donor strategies and programmes in South Sudan, including through its online presence.

Implemented by Saferworld and swisspeace, the CSRF is intended to develop and test innovative approaches to conflict sensitivity in South Sudan.

The following grabs show the forthcoming county profile page, currently in beta test. This map contains basic information on geographical features, roads, and settlements that can be searched. It also includes an overlay of different administrative boundaries.


County profile page (beta)

Map sip

Map zoom (beta)