Transformedia is thrilled to play a small part in the South Sudan Council of Churches Action Plan for Peace by supporting visual documentation and dissemination of their vision and initiatives.

The Council of Churches is currently the only institution left in South Sudan that enjoys the trust of the whole population. It sets an example of cooperation beyond ethnic boundaries and ensures neutral peace mediation and reconciliation work. Since 2016, we have been working with the council – together with international partners including Norwegian Church Aid and Christian Aid, to produce a series of films focusing on national and local dimensions of the role being played by the churches across the country.

Watch this 25 minute film which offers an overview of the South Sudan Council of Churches Action Plan for Peace. The film was developed, shot and disseminated across the country in multiple languages through close partnership with SSCC. The intended audiences are primarily national.


The churches in South Sudan have not yet given up their hope of peace and, unified in the South Sudan Council of Churches, have started a nationwide peace initiative – the “Action Plan for Peace.” It achieves this through its nationwide network of ecclesiastical structures, employees, and Christian communities.

The aim of the action plan is to promote a holistic peace process by mobilizing the public and supporting political peace processes on a national and international level. A further objective is to set up neutral forums for meetings and dialog between representatives of different sides of the conflict, launch a large-scale reconciliation campaign among the population with trauma work and conflict mediation, and strengthen local organizations that participate in the peace process.

As part of the process, we have also made shorter films focused on different Inter-Church Committees (who are the key ecumenical peace forums whose local work contributes to the Action Plan for Peace) in local languages, For example, the following short piece is from Yirol.


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