After 4 years of lesson learning  and development, Transformedia is thrilled to offer Cineboda Live – a new world of participatory cinema.



We are proud to introduce a new world of participatory cinema. The Cineboda operator and the communities they visit make videos on the fly using the in-built HD camera and on-board editing software.

Participatory film-making techniques combined with the mobile studio and projection features of Cineboda enable communities to engage in video dialogue within their societies, with neighbouring communities, and also with leaders as part of vertical advocacy campaigns.

In places enjoying 3G connectivity Cineboda also receives updated video content in real-time.


We understand that you need to engage the hard to reach but also that  this is one of the hardest things to do well. From civic education to health awareness, peacebuilding to cultural expression, Cineboda helps you harness the power of cinema with anyone, anywhere.

Cineboda is a new departure for remote off-grid cinema. Not only does it – for the first time – offer the possibility of remote participatory cinema, but a single operator can run sustained remote cinema programming with everything they need in one easy solution.

Huge thanks for the amazing team at Conficio Design who worked in such a committed, dedicated, positive and expert way to help give Cineboda this giant leap forward.

Just get in touch to discuss how Cineboda could help you do more, for less.