Oxfam Novib commissioned Transformedia to conduct an Entertainment-Education (“Edutainment”) Scoping Study focusing on gender and peacebuilding to inform the charity’s global partnership.

The overarching objective was to assess the needs, demands, opportunities and challenges that exist for an Entertainment-Education or ‘Edutainment’ strategies in partnership countries. It achieved five core objectives: 1) To map gender justice, education and peace/nation-building challenges and understand their underlying socio-cultural causes; 2) To assess the context and any potential challenges that face an E-E strategy; 3) To assess the different mass media vehicles available and to map existing E-E initiatives; 4) To consider the funding environment; and 5) To outline potential risks.

• To map gender justice, gender-based-violence, educational and other pressing challenges; to understand relevant underlying causes, interests and actors; and to understand the vision for change held by different stakeholders.

• To assess the scope of mass media including audience analysis and consumption (including underground habits where possible).

• To conduct a summary skills and capacity audit of available expertise in mass media, TV, radio, print, music, and online media.

• To assess the extent of existing entertainment initiatives and any lessons learned.

• To map NGOs working in relevant issue areas and/or social change communication; to assess their interest and capacity for involvement in an edutainment strategy; and to assess the potential for coordination and collaboration in an edutainment strategy.

• To assess the donor environment for any proposed edutainment strategy.

• To provide a preliminary risk analysis for an edutainment strategy.

• To produce key findings and conclusions.

• To produce practical recommendations for the edutainment strategy.