Transformedia was privileged to work with Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Tyre, southern Lebanon, to produce Christian Aid’s first Virtual Reality films.

The effort was to support Christian Aid’s core advocacy theme ‘A safe place to call home’ and has been used extensively at Christian Aid events across the UK and beyond.

Despite following events in the region, the sheer scale of displacement took us by surprise. Approximately 1 in every 2 people in Lebanon are refugees.

We talked to some of them aged from 9 to 90. Many, like Ibrahim, had arrived recently from places whose names are now sadly familiar – Aleppo, Homs, Raqqa.

Others, like Ahmed, aged 75, told us about fleeing home over 70 years ago. He has lived his whole life as a refugee, which, in Lebanon, restricts what he can own, jobs he could do and where he can go. His children and grandchildren, though born in Lebanon, face the same problem.

Communities are caught between their impossible memories of former homes and overwhelming barriers to making new ones. In the meantime, identity provides some solace.

Palestinian dancing at Tyre

The 360 piece below is a short meditation on ‘home’ in the words of Palestinian and Syrian refugees.

A safe place to call home from Transformedia on Vimeo.

This 360 piece is a snapshot of what a Christian Aid supported program of vocational training means to some young Syrian refugees.

Putting the hive back together from Transformedia on Vimeo.

Many thanks to the Emma Wigley at Christian Aid, Gaby Jammal in Lebanon and Director Matan Rochlitz.