TFM delivers digital, cultural and media projects with conflict affected communities.

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Transformedia is a digital agency, production company and insight consultancy.

We specialise in working with divided communities and in conflict, post conflict and fragile environments.

Our mission is to support just and sustainable peace within and between peoples, states and nations. To work alongside those involved in and affected by armed conflict and divided societies.

Our work includes conflict mitigation, political communications, and promoting social cohesion, dialogue and nation-building.

  • Cineboda: Mobile off-grid cinema for hard to reach communities
  • Social Peace-building: Digital Dialogue Across Conflict Lines
  • Crowdsourcing Cultural Heritage - the global Cultural Genome Project
  • Insight and strategy consultancy for global behavioral change
  • Forum Theatre, Film and SMS for National Dialogue


Every Transformedia project is led by a team of multi-disciplinary experts drawn from our international network of conflict, policy, digital and creative professionals.

Together we have experience of securing political and social change in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the UK.

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What we do


We work with divided communities, governments and businesses in conflict and fragile environments to foster sustainable transitions from war to peace.

Enabling dialogue in divided communities

Connecting communities to political processes

Strengthening governance and civil society

Improving market information for peace and security

Protecting freedoms of association and expression

Building sustainable local capacities


We combine digital and strategic consultancy to help our clients understand the perspectives and values that matter and to improve organizational engagement in conflict and fragile environments.

Digital monitoring and evaluation

Cultural and conflict analysis

Strategic program design

Polling and community consultation

Big data management and analytics

Digital architecture for improved organizational performance


Virtual Reality and 360 Film

VR advocacy and dialogue, access to culture, strengthening intangible cultural heritage.


Information architecture, mobile sites, apps and communities, SMS and IVR gateways.

Culture and Media

Forum theatre, media training, participatory and mobile film, cultural heritage.


Program design and digital strategy, culture/conflict analysis, participatory and geo-equipped digital insight.

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